“Gum Air and Trans Guyana Airways provide regular scheduled flights between Paramaribo (Suriname) and Georgetown (Guyana). The carriers operate 7 days a week between Zorg & Hoop Airport and Ogle Airport. Customers experience a pleasant flight of approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.
For reservations and more info, contact us.”

Foto: Ogle Airport



Passengers who are visa required for Suriname will need to apply their e-Visa or e-Tourist card in at least three (3) business days prior their travel date.

(please follow steps on the e-Visa/Tourist card website hereunder carefully!)

The carrier will not be held liable in cases where passengers do not possess the required travel documents (visas/tourist card) from third parties to complete their travel plans.


e-Visa / e-Tourist card application link:




Processing time:

The processing time of the e-Visa may take up to 72 hours.
If your application has exceeded five business days, please contact us:



NOTE: Please take note that the yellow fever vaccine international book/document is required to enter Paramaribo, Suriname. (You should get the vaccine at least ten (10) days prior departure.)” 






New security measures now prohibit the possession of knives, pocket-knives and all knife-like objects, straight razors, scissors or ice picks in the passenger cabin of an...
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